Try out a limited functionality clickthrough. Built in Adobe XD. 

Here are three examples of prototypes and 'fakotypes' that I created in the early selling in stages of the LEGO Movie Maker Project to help it get through the decision gates. I looked at  the following in these explorations
1. What features would help a new app best integrate with LEGO Life. (Length of video, Cost to moderate videos as LEGO Life only supported photos before this)
2. Mixed media exploration; The basis of the play experience that we developed was that kids could mix stop motion clips and video clips to quickly make their stories. The physical toy even supported this with sticks to move characters easily between areas instead of animating each frame. In testing we found that not all kids had the patience to commit to a full stop motion video, but they wanted to show their creativity and tell a story. 
3. To enhance what we found in the playtesting, I also proposed two feature (one of which made it into the final app). I proposed allowing stickers and effects to be added to the film. I also proposed a Minifigure 'selfy-camera' that would allow kids to take a short clip for impactful close-ups in their story and animate the minifigure's mouths. This Idea would have obviously taken a lot of extra time and work for the app development, but I believe it could have been a way for kids to get over the hurdles that stop motion has and connect with what LEGO was selling in the LEGO Movies on the silver screen. 

Video concept for a minifigure face capture experience to cut into kid-created movies.

Video created to show the LEGO Leadership team what kids would be able to create with the final Movie Maker app. 

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