While at Invodo, one of our clients was Vera Bradley. They got the most out of our offerings. As we were able to help share insights on how their e-commerce product videos were performing and reacting by making tailored content specific for their shoppers. 
Screenshot of a Vera Bradley e-commerce video. Art Direction by Krysten Brown. 
The Challenge
We could see through our data insights through our video player that consumers were interested in finding out what would fit in the bags they were about to purchase. Purchasers often would look at sections of videos over and over that contained bag packing segments. At Invodo, we introduced a spin-photography player that other customers used to show off products from all angles. 
As the Creative Director and overseer of our platform usage, I took the data we were getting from our video player. I put the idea together for Vera Bradley to use our spin photography player on their sight, not for a 360 shot of their bag, but for a look at what would fit inside. 
The Process
I helped create a new way for shoppers to imagine what would fit into their new bag by using our spin photography player. This came with some minor modifications, that will be reduced by how we created the content and how the content would be implemented. This included developing the prototypes and working on how we would implement them with the engineering team. In this experience, users can click and drag across the image to see the bag getting packed and unpacked. Vera Bradley put this live on their site for a handful of test products and found it very useful for the shoppers to understand what each bag would be used for. 
Here is an example of a live spin player as a video. 
Here are some of the final screenshots as pop-overs. 
Shoppers engaged with this type of content, and the interaction was novel, which drove a bump in traffic and sales. The cost of the player and creating the content over the video was a little more than the return ended up being worth after a few attempts. But the way that we shot these (overhead) and focused on bag packing is still one of the ways that Vera Bradley continues to shoot video content to highlight some of their most important products. 
Credits: Art Direction and Styling Krysten Brown

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