While working with Invodo, I took part in the content creation and implementation of video and interactive video content for Verizon Wireless' Mall of America store. This was a massive project with many partner agencies contributing. The organizing agency was AKQA.  Invodo was responsible for the interactive device wall, phone/tablet content, and front display screens. We also created many other video pieces.
The two main interactive walls were a challenge because of the sheer size and complex interactions that we needed to handle. The two front interactive display screens were more straightforward because of fewer variables. We ran pieces of looping video content, but we would change how the video reacted through different engagement trackers. 
For the phone/device wall, we needed to connect the plugged-in phone in the front to the screen to the wall behind it. Synced defaults would occur if no one were interacting with any device on the wall. When someone picked up a phone, we would break those loops and reveal information about the phone picked up, including specifications, pricing, etc. Customers could then interact with the screen on the phone or on the wall to continue the experience.
A lot of fine-tuning had to go into these interactions to deal with the layering of interactions on top of one another. To handle this, we needed to develop a priority system for video playback so that all computers could stay synced. 

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