At Invodo, I was the Creative Director and managed a super-talented team of video production specialists, graphic designers, UX designers, and Front-End Developers. We developed e-commerce videos and interactive experiences. Here are some of the highlights from the work we did. I was hands-on in the creative development of many videos and experiences. I worked with brands like Verizon, World Market, Home Depot, LG, Academy Sports, and Vera Bradley. 
One of the main areas of our business was producing and delivering eCommerce videos at scale and publishing them to collect data to optimize the  ROI for our customers. I was in charge of putting an explanatory video together to help bring new customers into the mix. Here is a promotional video we put together to explain our process. 
We also developed a tool to help customers experience Android devices before purchasing. These tools were pitched to make the purchase point earlier in the process. I was responsible for figuring out how this product could be used and put together this explainer video. 
Here is a non-typical video that we created for Verizon and LG. I worked directly on the character assets that were then animated in After Effects by our Post Team. 

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